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TrueClear JC-Series HardCoat IR Type

Keep your car cool, even in the hot sun.

No Haze, No Nonsense And More Safety

J.E.C. TrueClear™ is able to reject heat and block UV rays without distorting your view.
Thanks to J.E.C.’s TrueClear™ technology drivers can now see the world as it really appears, without the blue haze or lower quality products. J.E.C. TrueClear™ allows you to enjoy the sunny days, without the glare.

  • High Heat Rejection

  • Perfect UV Protection

  • Blue Light Rejection

  • No interfere with electronic communications

  • No haze and High clarity into a film

  • Japanese Coating Technology

Product VLT IRR




VLR Glare Reduction Blue Light Rejection UVR TSER
JC70 72% 96% 98% 7.2% 32.2% 45.5% 99.9% 51%
JC40 40% 98% 100% 5.9% 52.4% 68.4% 99.9% 60%
JC30 30% 98% 100% 5.6% 70.6% 76.8% 99.9% 63%
JC20 20% 98% 100% 5.4% 77.9% 85.4% 99.9% 66%
JC10 10% 98% 100% 5.2% 90.9% 93.6% 99.9% 69%

JEC’s patented technique combine hard coat and IRR material to dramatically improves driver’s visibility by preventing light scattering and haze. The IRR measuring result in 950nm wavelength is 96%, and in 1400nm is 100%. Performance results are calculated using ISO9050 and this data is provided for informational purposes only and subject to normal manufacturing variances.


ODM/OEM Series

ODM/OEM Series J.E.C provide OEM/ODM services for customized need. We also can adjust the performance of VLT, UV, IR rejection, heat rejection matierial and structure of window [...]

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